Boosting Our Health & Happiness with Yoga in Lockdown


Alexis Fletcher, Fitness & Nutrition Expert and Founder of Flex Yoga Manchester, is one of our resident fitness gurus here at Broadside. Alexis has been running a virtual weekly yoga course for Broadsiders where she shows us how to strike a pose and talks through any fitness or nutrition queries. We had a chat about

Just the tonic! Interview with Emma Roberts, Founder of Into the Gathering Dusk


Into the Gathering Dusk is a botanical drinks project. I find wild ingredients and use them to make all kinds of drinks, cocktails, health tonics, cordials and teas. We walk past wild food and drink every day and my project highlights the interesting and tasty plants we have all around us in the city. I

A local lockdown success story: Q&A with Jerome Boullier, Founder of Le Social Wine, Food & Life


Lockdown has had a varied and erratic effect on our hospitality sector. Our favourite bars and restaurants have been forced to adapt and change the way they do things in the hopes that they’ll keep their doors open and survive these uncertain times. It’s so important, now more than ever, to focus on the positive

Best Brunch spots near Broadside


You know the drill. It’s the weekend. Not quite breakfast, not quite lunch. You need carbs. What do you do? You brunch! And whether you prefer something virtuous and plant-based, or a full-blown fry-up, there are loads of delicious cafes, eateries and greasy-spoons for you to choose from near Broadside. We’ve done a roundup of

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